Page 6 - If Only I Would Have Listened
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If Only I Would Have Listened

          I hopped back on my bike and decided to show it

          off.  I  went  to  my  friend  Joel’s  house.  The  first
          thing he said was, “Can I ride it?” He jumped on

          and took a quick spin around the block.

          “Wow,  your  bike  is  really  cool!”  he  said.  “Yeah

          I know! Hey, I have an idea. How about one of us
          gets  on  the  handlebars  while  the  other  steers?”

          I suggested.

          Joel nodded, “Okay, but I get to steer and pedal

          because  I  am  older.”  “Fine,  but  you  have  to
          promise  to  go  slowly  and  stop  when  I  tell  you,

          okay?” Joel looked up and said, “Okay, I promise

          I will!”

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