Page 13 - Emily Struggles with Obesity
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          The  Caribbean  Primary  Exit  Assessment  (CPEA )  is  an
          assessment  of the key literacies required  by all  pupils exiting
          the primary school system. A major component of the CPEA
          involves  the  use  of  Projects,  Writing  Portfolios,  Journals  and
          Book Reports to develop pupils’ language literacy skills.

          The CPEA  Story Writing Competition was conceptualised to
          provide  pupils  participating  in  the  CPEA   an  opportunity  to
          create  stories  that  would  be  read  by  a  regional  audience  of
          their  peers.  The  project  is  aimed  at  identifying  short  stories,
          written by pupils, which  can  be  used as reading  materials by
          other pupils. By providing pupils with an authentic audience for
          their  stories,  they  will  become  more  motivated  to  write.
          Additionally, this activity provides an avenue to unearth pupils
          writing potentials and talents.
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