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Emily Struggles with Obesity

          home,  I  went  straight  to my mother  to  tell  her

          what was happening to Emily. When my mother

          heard the story, she was shocked. She explained

          to  me  that  Emily  had  an  obesity  and  addiction

          problem  and  that  her  mother  needed  to  do
          something  about  it.  My  mother  was  so  con-

          cerned  about  my  friend’s  situation,  that  she

          called  Emily’s  mother  to  tell  her  that  Emily’s

          health was at risk.

          The  next  day  at  school,  Emily  told  me  that she
          would be seeing a doctor that afternoon. When

          she told me, I was so overcome with joy, that I

          gave  her  a  huge  hug.  She  looked  scared  but  I

          gave  her  another  reassuring  hug  to  make  her

          feel all right.

          After  school,  Emily’s  mother  took  her  to  a

          dietician and I accompanied them.  Dr Heller was

          her name. She discussed with us that Emily had

          a medical problem and if she did not stop, she

          would increase the risk of other diseases, such as

          heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes.

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