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Emily Struggles with Obesity
                  y  friend  Emily,  was  the  kindest  most  caring

          person I knew. Emily was one of the top students

          in my class, her intelligence was desired by many.

          She  helped  me  with  my school  work,  so  I  could

          get acceptable grades on my exams. After school
          every  day,  we  bought  snacks  from  the  school’s

          vendor. I noticed that Emily usually bought a lot

          of  sweets  from  her.  She  was  a  very  chubby  girl

          and the biggest student in our class. At five feet

          tall,   Emily     weighed       about      one     hundred
          and  seventy-three  pounds.  Emily  lived  with  her

          mother,  who  always  spoilt  her,  buying  lots  of

          fattening  junk  foods  and  savoury  treats.  When

          Emily was sad or angry, her mother would cheer

          her up with food. Emily really loved food. She ate

          every  minute  of  the  day  and  especially  even
          during  class  time  when  the  teacher  was  not


          One day while we were walking down the school’s

          corridor,  a  girl  passed  and  called  out  at  Emily,

          “Fatty!”  with  a  mischievous  cheeky  smile  and

          walked  at  a  fast  pace  to  her  class.  I  looked  at

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