Page 6 - Emily Struggles with Obesity
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Emily Struggles with Obesity

          As  we  were doing  our  laps,  I realized  that  Emily

          was  out  of breath  and she  was moving slowly.  I

          ran at her pace and encouraged her to keep on

          running.  I  noticed  that  children  were  snickering.

          “Stop  it!”  I  yelled  at  them  furiously  but  they  did
          not  stop;  they  just  continued  their  mockery.  We

          were the last ones to finish our lap.

          Emily  was  breathing  heavily  and  was very  damp
          from  her  sweat.  She  took  off  in  a  hurry  to  the

          restroom and I followed. When I reached the

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