Page 7 - Emily Struggles with Obesity
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Emily Struggles with Obesity

            the bathroom, Emily was crying.

           “Why are they making fun of me?” she shouted at

           me while sobbing.

           “I  don’t  know,”  I  answered  her  and  gave  her  a
           warm hug.

           After that horrible day, Emily still got tormented

           by the children in our class and the wider school.
           She wore big clothes to school so nobody could

           see  how  fat  she  really  was.  Some  afternoons,  I

           usually  went  by  Emily’s  house  to  do  my

           homework.  She  usually  had  a  lot  of  chips,

           cupcakes and sodas for us to snack on. I usually
           got  tired  of  eating  and  stopped  but  Emily  ate


           “Emily,  stop  eating!”  I  cautioned  her  sternly  one


           She  looked  at  me  with  a  blank  face;  then,  she
           began  to  cry.  I  was  confused.  I  thought  I  was

           telling her the right thing. Emily explained to me

           that food was the only thing that made her

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