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Emily Struggles with Obesity

         doctor explained to Emily.

         While  she  was  crying,  Emily  and  I  stepped  out  of

         the office so that Dr Heller could speak to Emily’s

         mother privately.

         “I want to lose weight and eat healthier,” she told
         me gladly.

         I  was  happy  that  she  had  found  the  courage  to

         start  losing  weight.  I  was  going  to  help  her  every

         step of the way.

         A short while after she reached home, we went to
         the  park  to  begin  the  exercise  programme.  Every

         day we jogged to her house, which was six blocks

         away. When she was tired, she drank water. At her

         home,  we  ate  healthy  foods  like  vegan  wraps,

         apples  and  peaches.  We  followed  this  routine  for
         two weeks.

         When next she visited Dr Heller, she congratulated

         Emily  for  having  lost  five  pounds  in  such  a  short


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