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A Tragic Accident
               knew  I  was  not  supposed  to  play  with


          My parents, James and Samantha, are very caring

          and  devoted  parents  and  so  they  always  talk

          about  all  of  their  children  lovingly.    Cautious,

          obedient, responsible – that’s me! These are some
          of  the  words  that  I  heard  my  parents  boastfully

          exclaim  about  me  to  my  Aunt  Jane  and  many


          My  name  is Summer.  My  favorite  place  to  be  is

          outside       because         of     my       adventurous

          personality.    However,  even  though  I  love  the
          outdoors, before my story, my parents knew they

          could  count  on  me  to  be  safe  and  not  take

          unnecessary risks.

          When someone spoke of a child  misbehaving or

          getting  into  trouble  and  tried  to  hint  that  I  was

          around when the incident happened, my parents

          would  proudly  exclaim,  “Summer?  Not  my
          Summer!  She  is  a  well-behaved  child!”  and

          dismiss their claims without giving them a second


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