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A Tragic Accident

          “It is a hot summer day, a great day to be outside

          in the sun,” I said to my younger siblings.

          Liam and Lisa really enjoyed eating marshmallows

          and  they  really  wanted  some  s’mores.    So,  we

          decided to gather some sticks, stones and some
          dry  leaves  and  make  a  fire.  Mom  always  said,

          “Don’t play around with the matches, for they are

          very  dangerous,”  but  we  really  wanted  some

          s’mores to eat. I dashed inside to get the matches

          from  the  kitchen,  which  were  in  the  top  left
          cupboard  and  came  outside  and  lit  a  fire  so  we

          could have our s’mores.

          When  we  were  all  done,  we  sat  around  the  fire

          and  enjoyed  our  delicious  s’mores,  chatting  and

          laughing all the while.  As we were finishing up,
          we  heard  our  parents’  car  pulling  up  in  the

          driveway.   We  didn’t  realize  that  time  had  flown

          by so quickly.  We should have been finished, put

          out the fire and back inside before they came. We

          were  so  scared,  that  we  panicked  for  a  while

          wondering what to do. We jumped up and ran

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