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A Tragic Accident

          inside and shut the door so our parents could not

          see  the  fire.    I  sent  my  siblings  to  wash  their

          hands quickly and figured I would find some time

          to go back outside and put out the fire before too


          My parents came in with the groceries and treats

          for  us  and  I  got  so  caught  up  in  the

          excitement of what they had brought that I forgot

          all about the fire.  Time flew by as minutes turned

          to hours.

          Later  that  evening,  we  heard  a  shout  from  our
          neighbour, Mr Garfield, “Fire! Fire!”

          My siblings and I peeped through the window to

          see  what  was  going  on  as  my  father  rushed

          through the back door in shock to see that there

          was a fire.

          He went around to the side of the house, screwed
          on the hose and turned on the pipe.

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