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Jumbie Berry

          The  surrounding  area  was  lush  and  green.  The

          two of them looked around at the beauty of the
          forest,  their  faces  a  mixture  of  awe  and


          The two of them ran ahead.  Once their parents

          finally  caught  up,  they  began  to  slow  down  so

          that  they  could  examine  the  forest    closer  and
          take  in  the  view.  Hibiscus  flowers  littered  the

          forest floor; it was not hard to tell that they had

          just  gone  out  of  season.  Tree  roots  spread

          throughout the earth like veins.

          They  continued  on  the  nature  trail  and  found
          fresh sparkling streams and many different plants.

          As  they  entered  the  next  part  of  the  forest,  the

          calls of the Amazona guildingii began to become

          clearer  and  clearer.  They  came  upon  an  old

          wooden bench and decided to sit and rest.

          Amanda noticed two menacing eyes staring back

          at  her  and  she  jumped  in  fear,  her  heart  only

          slowing when she realised those ‘eyes’ were just

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