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Jumbie Berry

         Her  father  took  her  up  and  gently  laid  her  in  his

         arms and they rushed out of the shaded canopy of

         the  forest  toward  their  car ,  only  stopping  when
         they were temporarily blinded by the sun.

         The vehicles they passed were only a blur as they

         zipped  through  the  lanes  on  their  way  to  the

         Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. Amanda lay in the

         back seat, curled in agony, her head resting on her
         sister’s lap.

         The  hospital  gates  opened  before  they  got  to  it,

         their  distress  announced  by  the  loud  horn  of  the


         A  nurse  rushed  to  their  aid  and  immediately

         directed them to an enclosed room where Dad laid

         Amanda  on  the  bed.  She  began  throwing  up

         furiously,  her  stomach  aching  as  she  violently

         convulsed, with nothing left to bring up.

         The  nurse  questioned  her  frantic  family  to

         determine as to what may have caused her

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