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Florida Properties has an on-site office so we will be here to greet your guests as well as to
               answer any questions they might have. You are welcome to leave party favors at the front desk
               and our staff will ensure that they will get placed in the condos before your guests arrival.

               Florida Properties offers group discounts for wedding guests as well as the bridal parties. Just
               give us a call at 904-261-0511 so we can check availability as well as work with you on rates.  We
               manage about a third of the units here at the Amelia Surf and Racquet Club so there is plenty to
               work with.

               We are conveniently located just minutes from several golf clubs as well as the Ritz-Carlton.
               Staying with us during the Wedding Expo would be a great opportunity to familiarize yourself
               with the property and to see our units.

                                                 Welcoming your Guests

               One of our suggestions is to provide your guests with snacks and beverages so they don’t have to
               rush off to the grocery store upon arrival. The Savory Market is perfect for that.

               The Savory Market specializes in local farm fresh foods, you can either get products such as farm
               fresh produce or meats as well as gourmet cheeses to fill the fridge or have already made
               sandwiches or finger food platters delivered to the property. They even offer already made
               dinners that come with re-heating instructions. It is a nice welcoming touch; a nice way to say
               thank you for traveling to join us for our special day.

                                       Pictured: Takeaway Dinner From the Savory Market

               Phone: 904-261-0511  
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