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The Venues

               From golf courses with dreamy
               windswept oaks to yacht clubs and
               award winning resorts staffed with
               only the best chefs; Amelia Island
               offers endless possibilities for a
               story book wedding.

               The Golf Club Of Amelia Island

               This venue is within walking
               distance to the Amelia Surf and
               Racquet Club, it is about a 10 min
               walk and a 2 min drive.

               The Golf Club Of Amelia offers two
               unique venues; you get to choose
               between their luxurious club house
               or the beach front reception and ceremony space that overlooks the Ocean. They are staffed with
               a team of professional planners who will take care of every detail for you as well as an in house
               chef who will create memorable and delicious dishes to please and delight your guests with.

               Both images are of a wedding set up at the Golf Course of Amelia Island, they also offer really
               fun additions to their wedding packages such as a fire pits, a pop-up bar, s’mores, cornhole and
               you will have the option to have their terrace oak trees wrapped in twinkly lights for that
               fairytale glow.

               Phone: 904-261-0511  
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