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Beach Weddings

               Photo by: Pam Bell Photography

               I can’t imagine anything more romantic than saying your I Do’s on a beach with the Atlantic
               Ocean as your background with the salty air in your vail.

               There are no permits required to have your own wedding on the Beaches of Amelia Island, just
               choose any of the 40 public beach accesses. The Scott Road Beach access is right next to our
               property.  Keep in mind that sea turtles might join you as they nest between Mat 31  and
               October 31 ; during this season lighting and flash photography are not allowed pre-dawn and
               post-dusk on the beach.

               Marriage licenses are issued by the Nassau County Clerks Office, which is located at the Historic
               Fernandina Beach Courthouse.

               Phone: 904-261-0511  
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