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               Welcome Students!

               The move to High School may be raising questions about what will happen
               during your grade 9 year. Knowing this is a major concern for you, we talked
               to many grade 8 students and asked them what questions they most wanted
               answered about high school. Those questions and their answers will be in this
               Your grade 8 year will be filled with activities that are designed to make you
               more comfortable with your move to high school. These activities may include:

               • Your local high school presenting to your class
               •   Open house opportunities
               •   Orientation days
               • Take Our Kids to High School Days hosted by some secondary schools
               • Summer Transition Courses offered at many high schools
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               It is our hope that this guide will assist you so that you will be prepared to face
               the new adventures that you will have in high school. If you have any further
               questions, don’t hesitate to approach your school’s guidance counsellor.

               God Bless and Best Wishes!

                     after 8

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