Page 3 - MIL Leadership Line: February 2023
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Make the Call

        Phone conversations are the next best thing to face-to-face communications as it can
         provide the same real-time communication.

        “When responding to an email, if it becomes long-       “In a day and age in which our lives are surrounded,
        winded, or has multiple “what if” scenarios, the        and constantly bombarded with social media alerts
        response is probably better to be made via a phone call,   and chat posts, it can be quite easy for someone to
        then documented.”                                       become accustomed to using digital communications for

        -Marty Bailey, VP DoD ETS Sector                        “meaningful” conversation… professionals are finding
                                                                themselves in a pickle in regard to personal interaction,
                                                                and the ability to create a valuable human connection.
                                                                Find a reason to take your fingers off the keyboard, get
                                                                to know your fellow teammates, and customers, and
                                                                MAKE THE CALL!”

                                                                -Jerome Roubieu, AVP DoD Cyber Sector

        Focus on Problem Solving

        It’s fine to search the Internet and scan magazine and newspaper articles, but you can physically control what lands
        in your inbox by not searching so much and then by searching only for what you need.

             Tips for streamlining your
             communication habits

             Check your emails at set intervals throughout      Encourage your colleagues to give you the
             the day                                            information in a brief format
             If you have some flexibility in your work, close   When people are advising you of any information,
             your inbox or turn off notifications so you don’t get   tell them you would like to receive this in a shortened
             prompted every time an email is delivered.         format. For example, bullet points for emails and reports
             Did you know?                                      or five minutes if it’s verbal.
             Over-checking your email wastes 21 minutes per     What channel should you use?
             day. On average, profesionals check their email 15     » A phone call is for detailed, long, difficult or
             times per day, or every 37 minutes. Do most people   emotional conversations.
             expect a response within that time frame? No.         » Email is for brief, informative and/or instructional
             Source: How to Stop Wasting 2.5 Hours on Email Every   information.
             Day                                                   » Chat is for general announcements, news, informal
                                                                  messages, team collaborating and socializing.
             Create folders in your inbox to triage important      » Video (Zoom, FaceTime, Teams, etc.) is for long,
             information                                          feedback-rich, focused, emotional or difficult
             In the same way that triage works in a hospital      conversations.
             to determine priority patients, creating folders in
             your inbox can help you prioritize and usefully
             categorize incoming mail in order of importance.
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