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The average professional spends 28% of the work day reading
                                    and answering email, according to a McKinsey analysis. For
                                    the average full-time worker in America, that amounts to a
                                    staggering 2.6 hours spent and 120 messages received per day.

                                    Source: The social economy: Unlocking value and productivity through social technologies

        Communication at MIL

        The following suggestions are for appropriate business acumen and are intended to
        help MIL employees be more effective in their roles:
        Customer service

        Our employees’ workplace experience is the cornerstone of our business. So, ensuring
        that our internal customers (all MIL employees) receive excellent customer service is
        very important.
           » Refrain from negativity and seek to find solutions to challenges.
           » Recognize that body language and tone (even in email) are important parts of
           » Ensure that you’re available during business hours and respond promptly to all

        When to engage via phone call
        Need help deciphering when you should pick up the phone? Here are six situations
        when a phone conversation is better than an email:

        1.  When you want to get things resolved quickly.
        2.  When you don’t have the clarity to send an email.
        3.  When you want to build camaraderie.
        4.  When you expect there to be questions.

        5.  When it’s a person or sensitive topic of discussion.

                    February Observances
                       » Black History Month
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