Page 4 - Character Designer's Handbook [2020 Sampler Edition]
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A Dynamic New World of Design...

 Fictional characters are an

 unavoidable staple in our real

 world. They are in books, movies,      Character design is an art and
 comics, plays and even                  while you can easily find an

 roleplaying games.                    armful of books to teach you to
                                           draw them it's a bit more

                                       challenging to find a book that
                                         teaches you to develop that

                                       character & make them unique.

                                        The Character Designer's Journal is different.

                                            It is a comprehensive guide to character

                                       design that not only expands on visual design
                                        techniques but goes into areas not typically
 Every creator's goal is to craft a character  covered like cast creation,character

 that sticks with an audience, evokes a   dynamics,advanced development.working
 following, and even sparks an emotion or

 two. Unfortunately the creative market is in  with problematic character types,concept
 a state of over-saturation when it comes ro  development,profile creation,color theory,

 creative instructional books. A more flexible  and different paths of development so you
 book market has been especially lucrative  can create a unique and well-developed

 for those looking to be a creative teacher               character each time.
 but has also resulted in an influx of books
 claiming to teach you to design great   This book is the perfect companion for any

 characters and only doing half the job.
                                         type of creative who needs to create great
                                            characters for all varieties of projects!

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