Page 6 - Character Designer's Handbook [2020 Sampler Edition]
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Navigating the Book

                                        The Creative Process section takes a look at active
                                       creation steps like creating a profile,doing a concept

                                        sketch, and unique approaches to wardrobe design
                                                           and character sheets.
 The book is broken down into 5 sections with multiple

 chapters in each.

                                       The Character Case Studies section shows examples

 The Visual Development Techniques section covers   of couples,groups, and casts. You can use it for
 basic visual design principles but also methods   reference or as a springboard for your own projects.

 to create visually unique characters and use
 clothing,props, and color as development tools.

 The Advanced Development Techniques section covers

 a range of advanced topics like aging
 characters,differences between the two sexes,animal
 characters,character transformations and more. The
 goal of this section is to encourage best practices and

 tackle a deeper level of development in characters.

 The Cast Creation Techniques section covers

 skills and knowledge needed for developing a cast
 of characters, delving into some basic terminology
 and even some of the trickier points of working

 with couples and groups.

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