P. 13

5.  How did the local people react when they saw Malin Kundang landing on the coast?

                 6.  What did Malin Kundang’s mother do when she heard that Malin Kundang landed on the coast?

                 7.  What made Malin Kundang’s mother sad and angry?

                 8.  What did she do when Malin Kundang denied that she was his mother?

                 9.  How did the curse happen?

                 10.  What is the moral of the story?

                                                 POINTS TO PONDER

                                        • How should children behave to parents?

                                     • Is there any religious teaching regarding this?

                                                     C. CLOSING


                              A  narrative  text  is  a  text,  which  relates  a  series  of   logically,  and

                        chronologically  related  events  that  are  caused  or  experienced  by  factors.
                        There  are  several  about  social  function  and  structure  text.  The  social
                        function of  narrative texts is none other than to entertain the reader, and

                        as  a  medium  to  convey  moral  messages  that  deserve  to  be  studied  and
                        practiced in the context of  everyday life. The structure of  narrative text
                        are: 1.  Orientation, 2.  Complication, 3. Resolution, 4.  Reorientation.  The

                        type  of   narrative  text  are:  fable,  legend,  myth,  science  fiction  and  the
                        linguistic elements of  narrative text very important.

                  10      SMA/ SMK/ MA GRADE X-NARATIVE TEXT
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