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                                                    The social function of  narrative texts is none
                                                    other  than  to  entertain  the  reader,  and  as  a
                                                    medium to convey moral messages that deserve
                       Social Function              to be studied and practiced  in the context  of

                                                    everyday life

                                                        1.  Orientation

                                                        2.  Complication        For more detail explanation,
                       Structure Text                   3.  Resolution            please understand the

                                                        4.  Reorienttion           materials below!!

                     Detail Explanation of the Structure Text :

                              a.   Orientation
                                  Orientation is the opening paragraph of the text that introduces who the

                              characters are involved in the incident (who) and the time setting (when) and
                              the place  behind the incident (where).
                              b.   Complications

                                  Complications located after orientation is complete. Complication consists
                              of paragraphs that describe the beginning of the problem. The beginning of this

                              problem  also  begins  a series of  plots  (storylines) which  will then  continue  to
                              conflict, climax, and anti-climax of the story. Generally, complications contain
                              interactions between event actors. This interaction creates a conflict

                              c.   Resolution
                                  Resolution is the paragraph that ends the story. In this section, there is a

                              settlement that makes the storyline end.
                              d.   Reorientation

                                 Reorientation  is  a  closing  sentence  that  tells  the  last  condition  of  the
                              character in the story or the moral message of the story.

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