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Formative Test

              A.  Choose the correct answer by crossing A, B, C, D, or E!

                 This text is for question 1 to 5.

                    Once, there was a farmer who found a hedgehog statue. It was very beautiful, and its eyes
                    were made of diamond. He brought it home and showed it to his wife. They were so poor,
                    so they planned to sell the statue. However, the farmer had a dream at night. In his dream, a
                    giant hedgehog came to him and said, "Please, let me stay in your house. As a return I will
                    give you everything you want. Just care the statue's head and say the prayer." There were
                    two prayers to memorize. One was to start their wish and the second to stop the wish. In
                    the morning, the farmer proved his dream. And it worked. The farmer and his wife got all
                    they want. One day, a thief knew about the statue. He stole the statue. Then he said the
                    prayer to ask some water because he was very thirsty. The water came out of the statue's
                    mouth. Unfortunately, the thief didn't know how to stop the wish. Then he asked for help,
                    but  nobody  helped  him.  People  were  scared  and  ran  away.  More  and  more  water
                    surrounded  the  thief.  Slowly  it  became  a  pond.  Some  water  flowed  on  the  ground  and
                   became a river. Then people named the river as Hedgehog River or Sungai Landak. We can
                    see it in West Kalimantan.

                 1. We know that this story is from...          4. What did the thief miss when he stole the statue?
                 A. North Sumatra                               A. He didn't know how it worked.
                 B. West Kalimantan                             B. He didn't know how to stop the wish.
                 C. West Sulawesi                               C. He didn't know the use of the statue.
                 D. East Nusa Tenggara                          D. He forgot all the prayers.
                 E. Central Java                                E. He wished too much.

                 2. What did the farmer find?                   5. What is the moral value of the story?
                 A. A hedgehog.                                 A.  We  should  not  be  greedy  and  want  other's
                 B. A diamond.                                  belonging.
                 C. A talking fish.                             B. We should help each other.
                 D. A water fountain.                           C. We may not trust our dream.
                 E. A hedgehog statue.                          D. We should keep our environment.
                                                                E. We must take care of our belonging well.
                 3. From the text above, we know that the farmer...
                 A. ignored his dream
                 B. threw away the statue
                 C. didn't believe his dream
                 D. proved his dream
                 E. left the hedgehog in the river

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