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                 1.  PARTY PERFECT BITES

                 2.  DRESSINGS, DIPS & SPREADS

 Dear Valued Customers,

 I hope this letter finds you all well. I hope also that Summer has brought opportunities to be outdoors either on vacation or in the company   3.  SERIOUSLY GOOD SALADS
 of friends and family. With the Summer in full swing, the members of the SFI team have been busy generating all sorts of new ideas about
 how we can create memories through food.
 To that end, I am pleased to present our inaugural SFI Summer digital cookbook!  I hope these new recipes help add to the joy that being   4.  PIZZA NIGHT
 outdoors in warmer weather can bring. Once again, these recipes have been created by various members of our staff and many of our
 Ambrosia branded products are featured in them.

 I would also encourage you to keep the less fortunate in your thoughts, particularly those individuals and families that are not food secure.       5.  CRAFT BURGERS
 Like the SFI team, please consider any way that you can help your local soup kitchen or food bank, including needed back-to-school
 supplies as we all gear-up for the start of the school year. Change can happen with each small act of kindness.

 I sincerely hope you and those close to you remain healthy and safe and that our cookbook can help foster some additional summer   6.  SUNDAY DINNER

                 7.  SATISFYING SIDES
 Jeffrey H.      8.  SWEETS & TREATS

 Jeffrey Hamon
 President       9.  COCKTAIL HOUR
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