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As a former Deputy Head and Class Teacher for over 22 years, I
   realise it’s a time of uncharted waters for us all – parents, teachers &
   children – and we are all in this together – supporting, nurturing,
   encouraging and looking after each other.

   Schools are re-opening but it is worth remembering that many
   schools never closed.

   Those of you who follow my Youtube chat, ‘Taking On Coronavirus
   with Laura Henry Allain’ – the creator of the new hit CBeebies series
   for children ‘JoJo & Gran Gran’, will know that we talked about the
   complications of children and young people entering back into a
   newly created, unfamiliar environment as Laura is an Educational
   Consultant of 30 years.

   There are new things to consider as children, parents and teachers
   may feel anxious, worried, upset & unsettled as the new restrictions
   will affect the children’s freedom to play, connect, learn in groups

   and sit near each other.

   Add to this their disrupted routines – the mixed feelings of leaving
   their homes and yet the excitement of seeing their friends – it’s not
   going to be an easy time.

   BUT It’s also a time of joy – as children see their teachers again and
   teachers feel delighted to see their class again.

   The teachers in this unique position will be forever part of their
   children’s childhood memories.

   Schools have a big part to play in the lives of the children they serve
   and in helping children adjust to the new ‘normal.’
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