Page 5 - 9 Key C's
P. 5

   With the return to school comes the return to routine.
   Children thrive on some routine but returning to new and different
   routines will take time in school and at home to adjust to.

   Just as you probably created new lockdown routines, now you will
   go back to, or create new “unlockdown” routines.

   This will all take time just like the start of any new term or new
   school year, but with the additional mix of returning to school with
   other children and other adults, coupled with possible trauma,
   anxiety & bereavement for others. A huge time of change for


   Some children have thrived being home away from the pressure of
   school exams, dyslexic or autistic children may have thrived away
   from their usual pressures.

   Some children enjoyed the broader experiences of learning new
   things at their own pace, some loved home learning, some didn’t.
   Some children didn’t have access to a computer or a laptop and will
   have done no formal learning at all during lock down.

   Some will have experienced the mental health problems of their

   parents, some will have lost a loved one – the enormous variety of
   everyone’s experiences need to be heeded, respected and adapted

   This will all take time to assimilate.

   Everyone will need to find their new balance.
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