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   Teachers also have families & have been juggling their own home
   schooling, preparing lessons and getting their classrooms ready for
   the return. They have been anxious about elderly relatives,
   colleagues who have caught the virus and their own mental health
   during lock down.

   No one is unaffected by the last few months.
   It’s about being mindful of this when you are speaking to your child’s
   teacher or Head Teacher.

   A ‘New Normal’

   Let’s face it life isn’t really going to be ‘back to normal’ for a very long
   Maybe that’s a good thing as I see this time as a massive ‘Reset
   Button’ on all aspects of our lives and maybe it’s been a time of real
   reflection for you. Deciding what’s actually important to you in life.
   Dads have been home and played, cooked, chatted and have built
   memories with their children that they wouldn’t have if there hadn’t
   been an enforced lock down.

   People have decided that they quite like the slower pace to their
   rhythm of life and will try and work from home more in the future.
   Maybe people have decided the ambition they once had has shifted
   to a new place.

   School League tables and ‘teaching to the test’ may become less
   important – who knows?

   We are living through historic times.
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