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an an quated Greyhound bus depot
into a high-end restaurant in Savannah, Georgia which rehabilitated a rare example of contemporary Streamline Moderne architecture. We set a precedent to con nually accept challenging projects that help advance both our company and the structural engineering  eld as a whole.
Throughout our steady expansion, we have maintained a  erce dedica on to recrui ng highly educated and award- winning engineers to dis nguish ourselves as cu ng-edge leaders in the market. It is with their incomparable commitment that
we have been able to compete with and provide services that match those provided by larger  rms.
Tharpe Engineering Group is dis nguished in the markets in which we prac ce by our unmi gated dedica on to design quality and our commitment to client service. By striking a balance between these two goals, we maintain large  rm capabili es with a small  rm focus on our projects and clients.
M. Cody Tharpe, P.E.
Principal 9

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