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                   Our goal is to guide  students toward  academic success and future employment.  The education they
            receive in our district is  preparation for the many future roles they face: workers, parents, students in higher
            education, and citizens.   Therefore, sound planning and thoughtful course selection are critical in  order for
            students to make the most of the four years in high school.
                   This  district-wide  course  catalog describes the programs at Bear  Creek High, Independence School,
            Liberty High, Lincoln Technical Academy, Lodi High,  Middle College High, Plaza Robles High, Ronald McNair
            High and Tokay High.  The introductory pages discuss the district graduation requirements and site enrollment
            requirements.  There is also information about college entrance requirements and other district programs.  The
            courses are described departmentally with notations for which high schools offer these programs.
                   It is intended that students and  parents review this catalog together making informed decisions  about
            educational programs that will interest and challenge their intellects.  Students should be encouraged to select
            academically rigorous programs in order to develop their full potential.
                   If questions occur, guidance counselors are available to advise students and parents.  Please contact
            your counselor at the school site any time during the registration process for assistance (see pages 1-2).  You
            may be asked to leave a message but someone will get back to you.

                                             COURSE SELECTION 2019-2020

                   It is imperative that students adhere to the guidelines listed below when selecting their courses for the
            2019-2020 school year.  We ask that students:

                  1.      Read carefully the instructions on the course selection form before  starting to make  course

                  2.      Review  transcripts  and complete or revise their four-year educational plan.  Students  must
                          complete all graduation and enrollment requirements.  In addition, they should select courses that
                          support their plans for college and other post secondary options.

                  3.      Consider the recommended pathway  for the  courses selected.  If courses require teacher
                          permission, students must obtain proper signatures on course selection forms and must follow
                          the applications, try-outs, or placement procedures for designated courses.

                  4.      Complete course selections, obtain parent or guardian signatures, and submit selection forms on
                          or before the designated day.

                   The course descriptions contained in this catalog help students understand what each course offers and
            assists them in making their final selections for registration. Students may also access this catalog on the district
            web page

                   Teaching staff needs for the 2019-2020 school year will be based upon the data gathered from
            course selection forms.  The number of students requesting each course offered will be a key  part of
            determining which courses will be offered and the number of teachers needed to teach these courses.
            Therefore, students  should plan and select courses  carefully.   Per District Policy, there is a limited
            window of time for course changes once the school year has begun.

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