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                         school year will assure that you are meeting all the graduation requirements for high school while working toward these goals.
                      The purpose of this four-year plan is to assist with your long-range goals.  A meeting with your school counselor each
                                       Other      2 year community/4 year transfer         Goal  Career       *Note:  LUSD strongly recommends a third year of science                     and math.            Grade/  12th Grade   Grade/  11th Grade   Grade/   Credits   Credits   Credits     *English 12     *English 11      Math  *Math      Science  Lab *Lab Science                    Physical Education   Govern/Econ. *U. S. History                    *World Language or                 Career & Technical Ed     Total Credits    Total Credits    *Asterisked courses are required for UC admission.   12 th  Grade  11 th  Grade   S

                               college/university   2 year community college         10th Grade   *English 10   *Math   *Biology   World History   *V.A.P.A.  Total Credits  10 th  Grade

                               year                           Grade/   Credits                                      PSAT (October)

                               4            Write in grades for the courses you have passed, as well as additional   List any counselor-approved or college courses you have completed.

                                                  Write in the courses you plan to take in the future.  Check-off the graduation requirements as you complete them.

                                               courses taken but not listed on this form.   9th Grade   *English 9   Earth/Physical Science   Physical Education   9 th  Grade requirement   *World Language or   Career & Technical Ed   Total Credits

                               Goal:                                   *Math        V.A.P.A.                 COLLEGE ENTRANCE EXAMS    9 th  Grade

                               Postsecondary  Major                                                                 PSAT (October)

                                       College  1.   2.   3.   4.
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