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LUSD GRADUATION                          UC and CSU                      ENTRANCE TO
                    REQUIREMENTS                   ENTRANCE REQUIREMENTS               COMMUNITY COLLEGE
               Total Credits to Graduate:  230          “A-G” Requirements                   Requirements
             10 Credits, Board approved 9  Grade     A.    Two years History/Social Science      High school graduate or
                         course(s)                  to include:  One year U.S.           equivalent or
                                                    History, or one-half year U.S.       18 years of age or older
            (10 )   10 credits World History        History and one-half year Civics      Assessment/Placement Test
            (11 )   10 credits U.S. History         or U.S. Government and one year      in Reading, Writing, and
            (12 )   10 credits                      World History                        Mathematics
                   40 credits of English         B.    Four years College Prep English
                   20 credits of  Math           C.    Three years of math (four years
                   20 credits of Science         D.    Two years lab science (three years
                   (10 Life and 10 Physical)        recommended), one year from each
                                                    of two different areas
                           10 credits of World Language     E.    Two years of the same World
                           Or Fine Arts or Career &        Language (three years
                           Technical Education       recommended)
                   20 credits of Physical      F.    One year of Visual or Performing
                   Education                           Arts or Career & Technical
                   80 credits of Electives (to 230     G.    One year of College Prep Elective
                   credits total)
                                                 GPA and test scores (SAT or ACT) to
                                                 meet combined minimum.  SAT II not
                                                required for   2012 and beyond (current
                                                UC information)
                                                 High school diploma or transfer from
                                                community college

            Note:  Course selection sheets will have the finalized list of offerings for the 2019-20 academic year.

                                             EARLY GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS

            Students  who wish to graduate before the completion of eight semesters must request permission for early graduation from their counselor,
            their principal, and their parents.  In addition, they must complete the early graduation process.  To be considered for early graduation, a
            student must be within thirty-five (35) credits of the required two hundred thirty (230) credits at the beginning of her/his last semester.  Please
            see your counselor for assistance with this process.

             Bear Creek High School, Lodi High School and Tokay High School students – check with your schools.
             Ronald E. McNair students – Apply between May 1  and May 15  at the end of your 11  Grade  - Junior year.

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