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Chapter News

                  From the
           Chapter President                  2017 Philanthropy

                           ey everyone!
                           First off, let me say
                    H how excited I am to
                    be president of the Alpha Nu
                    Chapter! It has been a great
                    semester so far, and I can’t
                    wait to see what the future
                    has in store for the fall. We
                    are  in  the  middle  of  lower
                    house  elections,  and  we’re
     very excited for the new leaders we are about to
     Second, I would like to inform everyone that
     we have finally created a chapter advisory
     board (CAB), and they were instrumental in the
     EC  transitions  and  continue  to  help  with  the
     operations of the chapter. We are very excited and
     thankful to have them on board with us.   Pictured: the chapter after doing initiation week philanthropy helping to clean up Gilliam Park in
     As for the ongoings of the chapter, we will                             East Atlanta.
     (hopefully) be initiating another eight outstanding
     guys in two weeks, and we’re very pleased with   the amount of money from last year by attracting   awareness events.
     the men they’ve turned out to be. We will be doing   corporate sponsors and having interfraternal   We look forward to seeing you all at gameday
     our initiation philanthropy this semester with   participation. In addition to the USO, we are   tailgates next fall!
     Trees Atlanta, and we’re very excited to partner   getting back to our roots and doubling our efforts
     with them in semesters to come. We are having   on the Shirlock Foundation front by establishing
     our second annual USO Cornhole Tournament   a liaison position between the brotherhood and
     this  summer,  and  we’re  hoping  to  raise  double   the Foundation to help plan fundraisers and   Jack Joyce

       Chapter      eDIson CArrICk

                     Editor’s Note: Representing the chapter as Spotlight is Edison Carrick.
      From the hometown of Calhoun, GA, Edison is a fifth year student and is pursuing his
      BS EE. Having served the chapter as chaplain and pool manager, Edison was selected as
      Spotlight because of his commitment to the house (specifically taking care of the pool for
      the last few years) as well as just being an all-around good guy. For fun, he enjoys hiking,
      horticulture, and web design.
     What has been your most memorable experience   engineering.
     with the chapter?                      Outside of school, what do you do for fun?
      My most memorable experience with the chapter   I enjoy playing pickup sports, going on hikes,   Edison during 2017 spring break in Rome in front
     is our homecoming tradition of staying up all night,   watching movies, and web development projects.  of the Spanish steps.
     painting the road, roasting the pig, and sharing
     stories together.
     What type of work were you doing during your
      I’ve worked for two different startups and
     Whirlpool Corp. The first startup was user
     experience related and big data data gathering. The
     second startup was for an agricultural technology
     company where I designed and built their front end
     user portal for viewing their field moisture data.
     This current summer I’m working for Whirlpool in
     the Human Machine Interface group where I write
     software to control the interface the user interacts
     with on an up-and-coming washing machine.
     Any plans for after graduation?         Edison with his family tree – big big big brother on the far left, down to both of his little brothers
      After graduation I am staying at Georgia Tech   on the right – all gathered together for the Homecoming football game. From left to right: Alex
     and getting my master’s in electrical and computer   Bedillion, Matt Kee, Noah Thorn, Edison Carrick, Mitchell Spears, Nathan Mulder.
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