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     “make the mold” not                    things that we can
     “fit  the  mold.”  Waffle              show up at and really
     House gives you a lot of               make an impact. We’ve
     ownership to be flexible               done small things, like
     in solving problems. I                 local fairs, parades, and
     had the opportunity to                 school events, to larger
     be  creative  and  figure              nonprofit events like
     out  what  my  problems                Relay for Life. It’s fun
     were and the best way to               to find people trying
     attack them throughout                 to do something good
     my career.                             and be able to help get
     How does the stock program work?       them momentum.     They shot scenes for “Due Date” at one of my restaurants—that’s me with
      We are a privately owned company, so only   Outside of work,   the Waffle House crew, actor Zach Galifianakis, and the director, Todd
     employees get to participate in the ownership.   what do you for fun?               Phillips.
     Everyone gets the opportunity to participate by   I love going to
     investing up to 10 percent of their gross pay each   sporting events with my wife. We were Falcon   far you will go are desire, capacity, and support/
     check. Also, managers get career options and   season ticket holders before the dreaded personal   preparation. Don’t let the first one be the reason
     annual options at each level to which they advance,   seat licenses for the new stadium. I have my private   you  don’t  succeed.  People  love  to be  around
     including a $14,000 option their first day.   pilot’s license and am a member of a flying club   someone who is passionate.
     What’s the most interesting part of your job?  in Birmingham. I like to get outside and do things
      It’s all pretty interesting. The best part is the people   with my two dogs.
     and learning all of their different stories. People are   How do you stay in touch with your Alpha Nu   Save the Dates!
     super passionate about Waffle House. I have a lot   brothers today?
     of interesting people on both sides of the counter,   We meet up for a group trip about once a year.   GT Home Games
     employees and customers. I just love the variety and   We will email back and forth about it to stay in
     getting to mix it up with people every day.   touch as well throughout the year. During football      Date  Opponent
     How does your area contribute to local   season, we meet up for games and have a running      Sat., Sept. 9  Jacksonville State
     community service?                     text chat group during the games.
      Waffle House as a company does some great   What advice would you give the young actives     Sat., Sept. 23  Pittsburgh
     things, like storm relief. FEMA actually started   and alumni?                   Sat., Sept. 30  North Carolina
     using us as an index in disaster areas to see how   Be passionate. Enjoy your college time and be
     bad the damage is. We try to stay open for the   passionate about that. When it is time to work,      Sat., Oct. 21  WakeForest
     community all the time. Locally, we try to find good   be passionate about that. Find something you   Homecoming
     events that benefit our community to tie ourselves   want to do after school that you can be passionate
     to. I don’t like doing just donations, but finding   about and go after it. Three things that decide how

                                                                                      Sat., Nov. 11  Virginia Tech
                                                                                      Sat., Nov. 25  Georgia

     At a Braves game with me, my wife Courtney,   Trip with alumni brothers to see the Falcons
           and Braves great Ryan Klesko.    play in New Orleans: Nelly Frederick, George
                                                P. Burrell, Drew Thorp, and Inman.

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