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T H E   S L O U G H I   R E V I E W                                                                    1 3


                                                 2002 - 2022

                                      BY M.-DOMINIQUE CRAPON DE CAPRONA - USA

                                    BISS Ch. Fahel Shi’Rayân, FCC, FCh, SORC, SGRC6, 2002
                                                       © de Caprona

        What is the Fahel Award?

        This is a trophy within the Large Gazehound Association (LGRA) for straight racing in
        the USA, which is described thus on LGRA’s website:

        “Awarded to a bitch who finishes as the #1 female All-Breed racer twice in her career,

        placing in the Top Ten All Breeds both times.
        The years do not have to be consecutive. No qualifying year may be used more than once.

        Donated by M.-Dominique Crapon de Caprona and Bernd Fritzsch, Shi'Rayân Sloughis, in

        2002 to honor the competition between the number one dog and the number one bitch that

        In 2001 and 2002 these dogs were:
        Sloughi Fahel, IntCh. Fahel Shi'Rayân FCC SORC SGRC5 (55, 57.5 NRC pts.)

        Greyhound Horsea, Horsea SORC SGRC3 (48, 46.25 NRC pts.)
        Horsea was so outstanding and was so close to Fahel, Dominique and Bernd felt her
        accomplishment should not go unnoticed.
        Thus, the Fahel Award was created to honor the most outstanding bitch in LGRA.”

        The Fahel award is the toughest award to win in American Straight Racing and is
        opened to all breeds racing in LGRA.
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