Page 9 - THE SLOUGHI REVIEW special edition
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T H E   S L O U G H I   R E V I E W                                                                   0 9

          1980 PWCA Mohamed Hamga
          Hamga was also Best In Show 2 that day.

          Breeder: Ommen Kloeke.
          Owner: J. A. J. (Joke) Aalberts.
          (Tunisian Bedui x Amira el Cid)
          Daughter of first trophy winner in 1975.


          No trophy was awarded. It was because the
          breed’s numbers were very small in those
          days. The board of the NVOW decided every
          year the minimum amount of Sloughis that
          had to be present at the show to award the

          trophy. In 1981 that number was set at 12 and
          there were only 8 Sloughis entered.

          1982 No show was organized that year.
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