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                                             ELS SIEBEL - THE NETHERLANDS
                                       ALL PHOTOS FROM THE AUTHOR'S ARCHIVE

          The designer of the Han Jüngeling trophies (Afghan hound, Saluki, Sloughi) was Speyart
          van Woerden, a sculptor from the Hague. The model for the Sloughi statue was Illa'al el
          Cid. The trophy was for the Sloughi winning “best of breed” with a rating of “excellent” at
          the annual club’s show of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Oosterse Windhonden
          (NVOW)*; the owner had to be a member of the NVOW (Dutch Oriental Sighthound Club)
          and could win this trophy only once.

          These are very special bronzes, made in a series of 10 per breed. I know that a life sized

          one of the Sloughi statue also existed. The trophies were named after the founder of the
          NVOW, Han Jüngeling. The statue trophy was awarded from 1975 to 1985.

                                             Left: Illa’al el Cid, the trophy’s model.
                                             Breeder/owner: Mrs. H. N. van Duyvenboode - Varkevisser.
                                             (Sahib de la Ruine x Libyan Damiela)

                                             *Editor's note: the club’s name is now “Nederlandse Vereniging voor
                                             Afghaanse Windhonden en andere windhondenrassen”. It kept the same
                                             initials NVOW.

          After the statues the Han Jüngeling trophy was continued with a selection of various
          large silver plates across the years. In 2023 it enters its 48th year of being awarded.
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