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T H E   S L O U G H I   R E V I E W                                                                   0 2

                         THE SLOUGHI REVIEW

        This online magazine is financially supported
        by the Sloughi Fanciers Association of
        America (SFAA), its members and private

        Therefore, this magazine will highlight the
        achievements of the SFAA, the Sloughis of
        the SFAA, and of their descendants overseas.
        The magazine also welcomes the Sloughis
        belonging to members of clubs who actively                     Caroline Mathews - Sloughi Rescue

        sponsor the Association for the Support of                
        North African Sloughis (ASNAS), a partner
        club of SFAA.

        Articles and other topics regarding the
        Sloughi breed or that are of general interest
        will also be published in this magazine.  We
        actively encourage readers to submit articles

        of interest.

        If you would like to publish in The Sloughi
        Review, please see contacts.                                 Dominique Crapon de Caprona - SFAA

        Cover photo: the Han Jüngeling Sloughi
        trophy © Els Siebel

        Sloughi Review © 2023

        The opinions expressed in this publication
        are those of the authors. They do not
        purport to reflect the opinions or views of
        Sloughi Review.                                                      Nancy Lovelady - SFAA
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