Page 7 - THE SLOUGHI REVIEW special edition
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T H E   S L O U G H I   R E V I E W                                                                   0 7

        1977 Chalil Schuru-esch-Schams

        Breeders: I. and E. Schritt.
        Owner: Karin Ewen.
        (Algerian Quitus x Ifrita al Schams)
        1977 NVOW club show, with the 3 winners of the Han Jüngeling Trophies for Afghan
        hound, Sloughi and Saluki. Chalil Schuru-esch-Schams with Karin Ewen.

        1978 Bluedon’s Zaherit

        Breeder: M. Donath-Seeuwen.
        Owner: Jeanny Braakman-
        (Illa’al el Cid x Amira el Cid)

        A daughter of the first trophy
        winner in 1975 and of the model
        for the trophy.
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