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T H E   S L O U G H I   R E V I E W                                                                    1 2

                                                                   1985 PWCA Mohamed Nagla
                                                                   Breeder: Ommen Kloeke.
                                                                   Owner: Peter Kouwenhoven.

                                                                   (Tunisian Bedui x Amira el Cid)
                                                                   A daughter of the first trophy winner in

          This was the last of the Han Jüngeling bronze
          trophies, after a second judging (I. and E.

          Schritt’s Sloughi had won BOB, but they
          already had the trophy)
          PWCA Mohamed Nagla with Peter
          Kouwenhoven who foundered the Kamar al
          Akbar kennel in the Netherlands.

          Editor’ note: all the Dutch winners have either

          as mother or grandmother the first trophy
          winner in 1975, half Libyan Amira el Cid. She
          was bred to Tunisian Bedui. Her daughter

          Bluedon’s Zaherit Eltofah was bred to Bengali
          Ouled Nails of Moroccan parents and to half
          Moroccan Barry Min Ahrar al Maghrib. Algeria
          is represented by Quitus in the German trophy
          winner of 1977. The model of the trophy himself

          is half Libyan. Most of the winners were thus
          bred close to country-of-origin Sloughis then.
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