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                                  MAY 2017 • Volume 30 No. 9         

                                        Memorial Day Remembrance

                            THE BATTLE OF THE IRONCLADS
        by Roy Nuhn
          A bit over 150 years ago, the famous fight between   Christened “Virginia,” she was built upon the ruins
        the world’s first ironclads, “Merrimac” and “Monitor,”   of the “U.S.S. Merrimac,” which had been abandoned
        took place. It was an epic battle of the Civil War and   by fleeing federal troops in the opening months of the
        forever altered naval warfare.                war.  In  March  of  1862,  “Merrimac,”  as  she  would
          One of the earliest military strategies by the Union   always be called by the North and by the history books
        at the start of the conflict in 1861 was a naval blockade   ever afterward, steamed out to sea and began disabling
        of the South. Its purpose was twofold — economic   the warships blockading Southern ports.
        strangulation  and  the  prevention  of  incoming   The North’s response came quickly. On March 9, a
        armaments from Europe.                        startled “Merrimac” crew encountered the “Monitor,”
          Along  with  privateers  running  the  blockade,  the   the Union’s own experimental ironclad. Two hours of
        Confederacy  came  up  with  the  idea  of  building  an   battle followed, ending in a draw. Both ships withdrew,
        ironclad warship. Such an armored vessel, completely   and never fought again.
        sheathed in iron plates, would be invincible against                    Continued on Page 2          Tuck’s “Decoration Day Post Cards” Series No. 107
        the wooden ships of the day.

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