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          Questions & Answers                                                     Q.  My late mother got married in the 1950s. That
                                                                                  was when the modern look and designs
                                                                                  were trendy. Smoked
                                                                                  glassware items were
                                                 by Anne Gilbert                  among her gifts. They
                                                                                  have all disappeared over the
                                                                                  years except for this smoked glass
                                                                                  centerpiece bowl. I consider it a family
                                Q.  I bought this charming glass tumbler at a flea   heirloom and would like to know something about it and value. It is signed on
                                market. Since I collect old glass tumblers the red   the bottom “Holmgaard 1952 and initialed PL, Measures 11” wide.
                                colors and white enameled figure of a woman or                  —C.L. - Boynton Beach, FL
                                child caught my eye. The seller said it was old but   A.  Your smoked glass centerpiece bowl is definitely a family heirloom, made
                                knew nothing about it. It is 3 3/4” tall. I paid $5.00.   in  Denmark  by  the  top  designer,  Per  Lutken  (1916-1998,}  for  Holmegaard,
                                Is it a “find?”    —M.T.-West Jefferson, NC       Denmark’s  most  revered  historic  glassworks,  founded  in  1825.  The  current
                                A. Your cranberry glass tumbler was made in the   popularity of mid-century modern items adds to the value. At a Modernism show
                                late 19th century and is known as “Mary Gregory”   it could sell for $800 or more.
                                glass. It got its name from a myth that a lady named
                                Mary Gregory painted scenes of children on glass
                                in America. The antique versions were first made
                                in Bohemia and later by Fenton Glass in the U.S.A.
                                It was made in many colors and with a variety of
             white enameled figure of children and women. Your tumbler could be
             priced at $50 in a retail setting.
                                                                                                                         Do you have an antique item
        Q.  I bought this bureau or chest on chest, as the auction called it. I can tell it is                           and need more information?
        an old piece by the way it is put together. When do you think it was made and the                                For a personal reply, send
        value?   — A.M.S. -  Jersey Shore, PA                                                                            a photo, history, size, any

        A.  What you have is an antique, American Empire style, probably 1825, chest                                     signatures with self-addressed,
        of drawers with two handkerchief or accessory boxes. From your photo it is                                       stamped envelope and $25 to:
        mahogany. While the style was made well into the Victorian era, the feet are                                     Ann Gilbert-Strawbridge
        typical of early Empire. This is not currently a popular style so the auction price                              1811 Renaissance Commons
        could be from $600 to $800.                                                                                      Blvd., Boynton Bch, FL 33263

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