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        IRONCLADS                                                                 ironclads.

        Contiued from Page 1                                                        Souvenir postcards about the two ships and their great naval battle were issued by
                                                                                  more than a dozen printers in the years between 1904 and 1914.
          “Merrimac,” berthed at Fort Norfolk, was blown up the following month to prevent   Some of the dozens of Memorial Day postcards produced during this era had
        it’s falling into the hands of invading Yankees. “Monitor” sank on December 31 of that   illustrations of the ironclads. Publishers included L. R. Conwell and Raphael Tuck &
        year while being towed to North Carolina.                                 Sons (Series No. 1078).
          Though   both                                                             Along with toy models of “Merrimac” and “Monitor,” illustrated premium
        ironclads  were                                                           storybooks, and other souvenirs, exposition postcards about them were favorites with a
        gone,      naval                                                          generation of fairgoers.
        warfare had been                                                            Forty-five years after the epic Civil War battle, the Jamestown (Virginia) Exposition
        changed;   Ships                                                          of 1907 opened. Being in the general area where the two ships had fought and
        of the  line  would                                                       heralding a general theme of national reconciliation, it focused renewed attention on
        now be  made  of                                                                                               the 1862 event. All of this, combined
        iron and armed                                                                                                 with the fact that recreations of the naval
        with multiple gun                                                                                              battle were being staged continuously
        turrets.                                                                                                       at a sideshow in the amusement area,
          The      battle                                                                                              created a demand for pictorial postcards
        quickly  became                                                                                                about the ironclads.
        part  of  Memorial                                                                                               New York City’s A. C. Bosselman
        Day lore. The May                                                                                              & Co. output was a major presence at
        holiday, originally                                                                                            the expo. As part of their two sets were
        called Decoration   From L. E. Conwell’s gold bordered 1909 Memorial Day series                                several about the armored vessels. No.
        Day, had evolved             showing “Monitor” in the background                                               5987, a double scene, offered “Monitor
        into  an  annual                                                                                               and Merrimac” and “Virginia Sinking
        observance throughout the North a short while after the war’s end.                                             the Cumberland.” Another double—
          People never forgot the two ships or their historic fight. By the turn of the 20th century,                  scene, No. 5989, portrayed “Destruction
        recreations  of the battle  were favorite  amusement  park and exposition  attractions.                        of the Virginia, May 11, 1862” and
        Ingenious  mechanical  devises  and  elaborately  designed  backdrops were  crafted  to                        “Destruction of the Merrimac.”
        portray the famous naval duel.                                                                                   Among Jamestown A&V Co.’s
          Probably the most elaborate of these took place at the 1907 Jamestown Exposition                             extensive line of postcards for the expo
        in an amusement area called the War Patch. This same sideshow also showed up two                               can be found an artist’s rendition of the
        years later at the Alaska—Yukon—Pacific Exposition in Seattle. Later it moved to Luna                          historic clash.” Raphael Tuck & Sons
        Park in Coney Island and was enjoyed by large audiences for another decade. A The                              borrowed some of A&V’s illustrations,
        public’s fascination with “Merrimac” and “Monitor” never wavered. Hollywood took                               including “Battle Between the Monitor
        advantage of this obsession by making a romantic motion picture about it, Republic                             and Merrimac” for its set with silver
        Pictures “Hearts in Bondage” (1936). The film told the story of two close friends - and   “Merrimac” and “Monitor” battling, Part of   backgrounds.
        their sweethearts — who chose different sides in the war and ended up in the opposing   Memorial Day set, no publisher identification  Continued on Page 8

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