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FEBRUARY 2021, Volume 34 No. 6                                          Florida’s Best News Source for Vintage-ANTIQUE-Collectibles

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                                                                                Fraktur Valentines

                                                                                    Rare and beautiful tokens of love

                                                                              By Larry LeMasters, LeMasters’ Antique News Service

                                                                                    Fraktur Valentines are highly     are actually love letters hand
                                                                                  artistic and elaborate folk art     made to give to a loved one.
                                                                                  Valentines originally created by    Collectors prize Fraktur
                                                                                  the Pennsylvania Dutch. The         Valentines for their originality
                                                                                  name “Fraktur” comes from the  and beauty.
                                                                                  elaborately decorative script          Intricate watercolors,
                                                                                  used on such Valentines.            calligraphy, lacy folds,
                                                                                    Fraktur is a German word          and mushy words (such as
                                                                                  used for a form of calligraphic     “Round is the ring that has
                                                                                  printing, consisting of black       no end. So is my Love to you
                                                                                  letter typefaces whose forms        My Friend”) make Fraktur
                                                                                  are broken up to contain many       Valentines romantic inspirations
                                                                                  angles. The word “fraktur”          for both the Valentine and
                                                                                  derives from the Latin word         the collector. Some of these
                                                                                  fractūra, meaning “break.” It is    treasured Valentines are folded
                                                                                  the same root word used in the      cards (which carries over today
                                                                                  English word “fracture.”            to the specially folded notes
                                                                                    Dutch immigrants brought          girls still pass to each other in
                                                                                  the word and the practice of        grade school). Often Fraktur
                                                                                  making Valentines in such a         Valentines were folded puzzle
                                                                                  manner with them when they          (sometimes called “Puzzle
                                                                                  immigrated to America. Settling  Purses”) that have hidden
                                                                                  in Pennsylvania in the early        words of love and affection
                                                                                  1700s, these Dutch people           written throughout the folds
                                                                                  brought with them some of the       that get revealed as each card is
           Come and visit Emiline's Antique Mall at 1415 10th St. West in Palmetto, FL. We
         have 33 rooms filled with fabulous finds for every collector or decorator. If you are   traditional arts and culture of   unfolded.
         looking for antiques, toys, jewelry, Disney items, Ringling items, Postcards, Lladro,   the Netherlands, including the   Fraktur Valentines are
         military collectables, sports memorabilia, or art work we have it here. Plus other high   making of Fraktur Valentines.  some of the earliest known
         end figurines.                                                             Original Fraktur Valentines       Valentine’s Day cards, and they
           Emiline's has been in business for over 22 years in Palmetto. Our building is over
         9,800 sq. ft. fully air conditioned with great parking.                  were created between 1740           held romantic messages that are
           Our friendly staff is ready to help you find that special item you are looking for.   and 1860, but the Fraktur form   far to risqué and suggestive for
         We follow all Covid guidelines to make your shopping experience as safe as possible.  of creating lovely Valentines   21st century school children to
           We  are  open  Monday-Saturday  10am-5pm  and  Sunday  12-5pm.  Our  phone
         number is 941-729-5282.                                                  has continued to the present        exchange.
                             We look forward to seeing you soon.                  day. Fraktur folk art Valentines                       Continued on Page 3

                                     Florida’s Largest Antique Event of the Year!

                                                          100s                     South Florida Fairgrounds              FEBRUARY
                                                           oF                           9067 Southern Blvd.
                                                        DEAlERs                     West Palm Beach, FL 33411                    5-6-7
              SPECTACULAR                            EARLY BUYERS:  “1st Pick” Friday 9AM-12PM • Admission $25 - Good All 3 Days • GEN. ADMISSION: FRI 12-5PM, SAT 9AM-5PM, SUN 10AM-4:30PM • Admission $10
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