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February 2021 - Antique Shoppe - 5
        MUSEUM NEWS —                                                              A                         Would You Like To Be An
                                                                                   P     Asheford      Antique Appraiser or Dealer?
             Lightner Museum Artists Invites Local Painters                        P    Institute of   Since 1966, The Asheford Institute of Antiques has been providing a Profit and
                                                                                                       Pleasure home study course that offers tremendous financial & personal rewards.
                              for Solo Exhibitions                                 R     Antiques            CERTIFIED APPRAISAL PROGRAM
           ST. AUGUSTINE, FL-  With support from the Benjamin and Jean             A    You Can:                                For a FREE booklet mail coupon to:
        Troemel Arts Foundation, the Lightner Museum announces Lightner            I    • Become a Certified Appraiser                ASHEFORD
        Local. Created to showcase the extraordinary talents of artists who live   S    • Start your own business from your home  INSTITUTE OF ANTIQUE
                                                                                        • Learn to sell & appraise online
        in the Northeast Florida region, three artists will be awarded with solo   A C  • Choose the hours you wish to work       981 Harbor Blvd., Ste. 3
                                                                                                                                     Dept. 275WQ179
        exhibitions at the Lightner.                                                 O  • Become an “antique interior designer”    Destin, FL 32541-2525
                                                                                        • Complete a professional-level Course with a Diploma
           Painters in Northeast Florida are invited to apply for solo exhibitions   L  U             ASK HOW ... HERE!           or call: 1-877-444-4508
        to be displayed in the museum’s East Room Gallery. A panel of                R   NAME  _______________________________________________________________
        local professionals involved in arts and culture will select the top         S   ADDRESS  ___________________________________________________________
        submissions. The Lightner will host three separate exhibitions in April,     E   CITY  ______________________STATE ______________ ZIP __________________
        July, and September, 2021. Each exhibition will be run for six weeks.                    
           The gallery space includes approximately 90 feet of linear wall space
        for hanging artwork. The East Room Gallery is currently open to the           Dade City & San Antonio
        public from 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Artists interested in applying who
        would like to visit the gallery space may do so by entering through the
        Café Alcazar door located on Granada Street.
           Selected artists will receive the following:                                   Celebrating  Antiques
           In-person solo exhibition at the Lightner Museum in the East Room               YEARS!  on the
        Gallery, Artist video produced by the Lightner Museum, Promotion via               MAin street                             2
        the museum’s website,, Press outreach, Social
        media outreach, Exhibition opening during First Friday Art Walk, $1,000                    Specializing
        honorarium to cover installation cost.                                                          in
           Lightner Museum staff will work directly with the selected artists to                    Primitives              3
        produce the exhibition, and will promote it through print and online                                                          1
        media. Artists who submit a proposal may also be considered for future
        opportunities with the Lightner Museum such as art fairs, group shows,
        and online solo shows. Submission deadline is March 1, 2021.                      Peggy Capps, Proprietor
           Application information and details area available on the Museum’s             (352) 523-0999
        website:                                                  14122 7th STREET                 DADE CITY
                                                                                         DADE CITY, FL 33525 1
                  Spring Installations at Morse Museum
           WINTER PARK, FL—March begins at the Morse with the new                      AMERICAN EAGLE
        exhibition Watercolors from Louis Comfort Tiffany’s “Little Arcadia”                ANTIQUES
        and a vignette display Chinese Blue and White Porcelain open Tuesday,
        March 2.                                                                            14232 7th Street
           Wednesday, March 24 online family activities begin. Learn about                Dade City, FL 33523
        the medium of watercolor and ways to make designs for your own.                     OpEN 7 DAyS 11-5:30  2
        New content is set to be posted on the Museum’s “Create & Explore”
        webpage.                                                                       AMERICAN EAGLE                    Late Century Modern Furniture
           Brown Bag Matinees begin April 9 and run through April 30. Each               ANTIQUES, TOO                    Decorative Arts & Accessories
        film stream takes place on Friday at noon. Advance reservations are                                           11853 Curley St, San Antonio
        required. Seating is limited. Matinees average 50 minutes.                       Featuring Fine Antiques       6 mi. from Dade City / 11 mi. from Zephyrhills
                                                                                            14119 7th Street
           Brown Bag Matinee April 9: Treasures of the Earth: Metals (54                  Dade City, FL 33523                  352-588-2001
        minutes). This series looks at a variety of metals, including iron, copper,          352-521-0390       
        and steel, and the ways they have impacted our daily lives and our                  OpEN 10-5 MON-SAT    3          Proprietor, John C. Herrmann  4
        artistic perceptions of beauty.
           April 16: Empires of Industry: Andrew Carnegie and the Age of Steel.                                                     Meridian Ave
           April 23: Empires of Industry: War of the Copper Kings.
           April 30: Craft in America (Season 5): Forge.                                                             DADE CITY
           The Morse Museum’s website includes many opportunities for
        virtual visits: online activities, videos, and an audio tour. The Museum                                   52                   Clinton Ave
        actively posts images and information about featured works of art on its
        Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter pages.                                                  4           579
           Advance appointments are required to visit the Museum. Museum                                 577
        hours are currently 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.                                        579A                 Ft. King Hwy.  301
        Appointments may be made online by visiting the Museum’s “Plan Your                                                                     98
        Visit” page or by calling 407- 644-1429. Regular admission is $6 for             75                                                39
        adults, $5 for seniors, $1 for students, and free for children under 12.
        For more information, call or visit


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