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        Fraktur Valentines

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           But romance aside, Fraktur Valentines
        are the most artistic, hand made, tokens
        of love ever given, and collectors vie for
        Fraktur Valentines with the same passion a
        young girl once had when she made such a
        valentine and passed it to her sweetheart.
           Like many tokens of such rare and
        romantic beauty, authentic Fraktur Valentines
        are quite expensive today, making them true
        centerpieces in Valentine’s Day card collections.

           SHOWN: Top Left- Beautiful 1837 Fraktur Valentine
           sold for $650 at in 2014.
           Top Right- Fraktur folding Valentine, circa 1800, from
           Bottom Left- Fraktur Puzzle Purse Valentine, circa
           1790, courtesy of British Postal Museum.
           Bottom Right- Pennsylvania Dutch heart-shaped
           Fraktur Valentine that is valued at $1,200.
           Shown from Page 1: Fraktur Valentine, circa 1830,
           that was created, possibly by H. Heltzell, in the
           Shenandoah Valley.

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