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        Antiques & Vintage Data For 2020                                               

            Poll/Survey Results Of Decorative Arts Trends For 2020
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           New York - The Asheford Institute, a distance-learning school devoted to the
        study of antiques, collectibles, and decorative arts appraising, has once again   Catch up on past issues or visit our calendar of events.
        released the results of its annual survey of top buying trends within the antique,
        vintage and collectibles marketplace.                                       Featured Sections-
          The annual sampling process took on a slightly different look this year due to   LOCAL SHOPS PAGES- updated with hotlinks to advertisers with
        the pandemic, as only dealers and sellers who remained open for at least eight
        months of the twelve-month period were invited to participate. While this has   websites.
        been an unusual year for dealers, there were still plenty of surprises to be found   THE ARTICLES SECTION- updated with current monthly articles
        in the results, as many of last years top-selling themes gave way to items from a
        different period, and purchases that tended to be smaller in scale.         ARCHIVES- of past issues
           School Director, Charles Green noted, “There were definitely some market-  AUCTIONS & SHOW SCHEDULE- Lists upcoming events
        place shifts in what people were buying and selling this year that probably had
        a direct connection to the pandemic.” Green went on to say that several new   VIEW THE ENTIRE ISSUE- in our flip page online edition
        niche categories were added to the poll this year, which he believes is likely a re-
        sult of people simply spending more time at home in front of their computers.
          The following survey was conducted from January 2020 to December 2020 by
        the research staff at the Asheford Institute. The survey consisted of a sampling
        of over 2,163 current students and past graduates that are actively employed or
        working within the antiques, collectibles and vintage marketplaces within the             PINELLAS COUNTY
        United States and Canada (both urban and rural areas). All those who partici-
        pated in the survey operate their own antiques and vintage, or estate sale/ap-                Antique Dealers
        praisal businesses (including online concerns), and are listed as, “proprietors”
        in the survey.                                                              1. Jewel Antique Mall                6. Asian Willow
          The focus of the survey was directed towards interest in current market trends     2. Laura Collum Antiques     2629 Central Ave. • 727-321-1100
        within the antiques, vintage and collectibles community, based on sales and     3. The Silver Queen              7. Burchard Galleries, Inc.
        requests for particular items/genre/periods from customers and clients. The                                       2528 30th Ave. N. • 800-520-2787
        survey was informal in nature, and therefore did not employ any standardized     4. Antique Marketplace          8. Andrea and Friends
        or measurable scientific practices or criteria in obtaining results. Survey results     5. Antique Galleries
        were categorized by the age groups of the "proprietors," indicating item/genre/         of St. Petersburg
        period specific preferences most popular to each of these groupings.          450 34th Street N. • 727-321-3331
          The item/genre/period listings, and their relative popularity with consumers,
        were represented by a potential numerical scale of 1 to 14 - with 1 being the
        most popular - and 14 being the least popular.
                        Antique & Vintage Business Proprietors -                     2
                                 Age Grouping: 20 - 40                                      3

          1. Art Deco                            8. Art Nouveau
          2. Mid-Century Modern (MCM)            9. Lighting
          3. Costume Jewelry                    10. Paintings/Sculptures
          4. Textiles                           11. Memorabilia (ephemera)
          5. 1970's Modular Furniture           12. Early Americana/Canadiana
                       & Objects d'Art          13. Glass
          6. Space-Related Collectibles         14. Painted Furniture
          7. Toys
                        Antique & Vintage Business Proprietors -
                                 Age Grouping: 40 - 60                                                                               4

          1. Art Deco & Period Jewelry           8. Industrial Lighting
          2. Mid-Century Modern (MCM)            9. Vinyl Records (Vintage Stereos)
          3. Automobilia/Petrolina              10. Paintings
          4. Costume Jewelry                    11. Kitchen & Barware
          5. Folk Art                           12. Early Americana/Canadiana
          6. Textiles                           13. Victorian                                                                                       8
          7. Watches (Antique & Vintage)        14. Architectural Antiques                                                                     7
                        Antique & Vintage Business Proprietors -                                                                             6
                                 Age Grouping: 60 - 80
          1. Mid-Century Modern (MCM)            8. Georgian (Style) Furniture
          2. Chinese Antiques                    9. Paintings
          3. Art Deco & Period Jewelry          10. Vintage Outdoor Furniture
          4. Victorian Paintings                11. Lighting
          5. Automobilia/Petrolina              12. Western Collectibles (No.America)
          6. Folk Art                           13. Silver
          7. Golden Oak                         14. Glass
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