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March 2021 - Antique Shoppe - 5
        ENJOYING THE HUNT                                                          A                         Would You Like To Be An

        Dorothea Killian AIA-CA                                                    P     Asheford      Antique Appraiser or Dealer?
                                                                                   P    Institute of   Since 1966, The Asheford Institute of Antiques has been providing a Profi t and
            Rare Cochran “Look Alike” Dolls                                        R                         CERTIFIED APPRAISAL PROGRAM
                                                                                                       Pleasure home study course that offers tremendous fi nancial & personal rewards.
                                                                                   A    You Can:                                For a FREE booklet mail coupon to:
           Of the rarest dolls which are frequently overlooked in thrift shops     I    • Become a Certified Appraiser                 ASHEFORD

        and estate sales is the unassuming 17” tall Dewees Cochran latex doll.     S C  • Start your own business from your home  INSTITUTE OF ANTIQUE
                                                                                        • Learn to sell & appraise online
        Cochran’s sought-after American Children composition dolls with            A    • Choose the hours you wish to work       981 Harbor Blvd., Ste. 3
                                                                                                                                   Dept. Dept. 275WQ180
                                                                                        • Become an “antique interior designer”
        human hair, designed in the 1930s for Effanbee Doll Co. are easier to      L O  • Complete a professional-level Course with a Diploma  or call: 1-877-444-4508
                                                                                                                                   Destin, FL 32541-2525
        find and identify because of their markings. But these smaller all-latex     U                ASK HOW ... HERE!
        dolls with human hair wigs were made by Cochran to be portraits of the       R   NAME  _______________________________________________________________
                                                                                         ADDRESS  ___________________________________________________________
        buyers, and most are unmarked. Plus, the latex may have some bubbles         S   CITY  ______________________STATE ______________ ZIP __________________
        in the surface which can deceive any seeker into undervaluing an             E           
        example. To be sure, one of these dolls will sell well into the hundreds
        of dollars. Not to be confused with her more common 14” tall mass-           Dade City & San Antonio
        market “Cindy” latex dolls, the
        17” examples were made to be                                                  DOWNTOWN SIDEWALK SALE MARCH 6
        portraits and show more detail
        in their construction. Cochran
        named them “Look Alike”                                                           Celebrating  Antiques
        dolls. She began making the                                                        YEARS!  on the
        17” dolls as a means of staying                                                    MAin street                             2
        within her mode of creating                                                                Specializing
        child portraits individually as                                                             Primitives
        keepsake heirlooms for many
        families. The various sized                                                                SIDEWALK                 3
        heirloom portraits were costly                                                              MARCH 6                           1
        to make because of the labor                                                                   10-4
        involved, as she worked from                                                      Peggy Capps, Proprietor
        photos and in-person sessions                                                     (352) 523-0999
        with the children portrayed in                                                    14122 7th STREET                 DADE CITY
        every portrait doll. So next,                                                    DADE CITY, FL 33525 1
        Cochran came up with the idea
        of manufacturing an all-latex doll                                             AMERICAN EAGLE
        which could have a standardized assortment of hair and eye variations               ANTIQUES
        easily applied during manufacturing. The Dewees Cochran “Look Alike”
        dolls were affordable, easy to construct and individualize, and if she              14232 7th Street
        could have enjoyed longer partnerships with her manufacturers there               Dade City, FL 33523
        would be many more. Alas, as artists are often discerning in how their              OpEN 7 DAyS 11-5:30  2
        art creations are realized, Cochran was unable to keep long relationships
        with manufacturers due to her unwillingness to accept anything less            AMERICAN EAGLE                    Late Century Modern Furniture
        than perfection in every way. So, the “Look Alike” dolls are the second          ANTIQUES, TOO                    Decorative Arts & Accessories
        rarest form of her work. Keep your eyes open for these 17” latex dolls,          Featuring Fine Antiques      11853 Curley St, San Antonio
        which are unmarked, having different eye color appliqués, stenciled face            14119 7th Street           6 mi. from Dade City / 11 mi. from Zephyrhills
        paints, and of course the open splayed fingers in her Cochran style. They         Dade City, FL 33523   
        will have human hair wigs in a variety of colors depending on the child             OpEN 10-5 MON-SAT    3          Proprietor, John C. Herrmann  4
        portrayed, and usually a few bubbles in the doll’s skin surface due to the
        molding process the artist found objectionable.                                                                             Meridian Ave
           As an American doll-designing icon, Dewees Cochran’s creations are
        in great demand among discerning collectors. Even those dolls in need                                        DADE CITY
        of restoration are exciting finds. I hope you are enjoying your hunting.

                                                                                                                   52                   Clinton Ave
        If you want to have questions for Dorothea you are welcome to email her at:                                                                               4
                                                                                                         577            579
        Editors note: You can find an additional article on Cochran Dolls from our
        February 2020 edition on our website at:                                                                579A                 Ft. King Hwy.  301  98
        Another source for information is:                     75                                                39


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