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March 2021 - Antique Shoppe - 9
                          SARASOTA                                                              E S TAT E

                                                                                                A UC TION

                            Spring 2 Day Fine Art, Antiques & Asian Auction

                                        April 10th & 11th Starting @ 11am EST

            ***   Large Southampton Estate of Adrienne & Gigi Vittadini to be Auctioned                                                       ***

          Featuring an Important Collection of Fine Art. Over 1400 Lots will be offered. Including a Lifetime selection of European and American Glass. Fine Art from:
           Victor Vasarely: March Avery: Marcus Uzilevsky: Jules Pascin: Jay Hall Connaway: Marie Vassilieff: Arturo Secunda: Erte: Ludwig Hermann: Karl Heffner:
          Duncan Denali: Vladimir Zila: Vasa: Elias Bohumi: Laszlo Lukacsi: Martin Rosol: Pavel Hlava: Vladimira Zila: Zoltan Bohus: Petr Hora: Peter Layton: Doug
          Randall: Tomas Brzon: Tomas Hlavicka: Edward Nesteruk: Milos Balgavy: Martin Rosol: Asa Sandlund: Toland Sand Glass.  Bhutanese Tangkas: Early French
                 Empire Bronze Clock: Antique Furniture: Large Collection of Early Chinese: Estate Jewelry: Silver: Gold: Porcelain: and much, much more….

                                                                                                                                   Peter Layton (B. 1937)  England,Glass
        Åsa Sandlund  Duncan Denali   Toland Peter   Edward Nesteruk   Victor Vasarely   Elias Bohumil
         Blown Glass   (20th-21st C.)   Sand (B. 1949)  (B. 1941) Pennsylvania,   (1906-1997)  (B. 1937) Czech Glass  Mid 20th C. Village Landscape of
         Sculpture  Opal Fire  American, Glass  Glass                                                       Boy on a Donkey, Oil on Canvas

                                                                                                       Zoltán Bohus (B. 1941)  Laszlo Lukacsi (B. 1961)
                                                                                                          Dutch Glass  Hungarian Glass

          18th-19th C. Outdoor Landscape with Figures  Jindrich Dolezal (B. 1958)   Christopher Ries (Born
                                      Czech Glass  1952) American, Glass

          Martin Rosol (B. 1956)   Petr Hora (B. 1949)                  Early French Empire Bronze Clock      Karl Heffner (1849-1925)  Jay Hall Connaway (1893 - 1970) Crashing Waves
            Czech Glass  Czech Glass   Tomas Brzon (B. 1982) Czech Glass

           Erte (1892-1990)  18th C. European Still Life  Pavel Hlava (1924-2003) Czech Glass  Marie Vassilieff (1884-1957) Rus-  Jules Pascin (1885 - 1930)  Doug Randall (2021st C. American) Glass Sculpture  Pair of French Gilt Marble  Urns
                                                                            sian, Oil on Canvas

              19th C. Floral Still Life  Bhutanese Tangkas              Pavel Hlava (1924-2003) Czech Glass  Ludwig Hermann (1812-1881) A Continental River Town  March Avery (B. 1932) Blue Tree Blue Sky

                                                       19th C. Regency Tortoise Shell Tea Caddies  Doug Randall (2021st C. American) Glass Sculpture  Victor Vasarely   Vasa (B. 1933) Yugoslavia, Acrylic
                                       Arturo Secunda (B. 1927)                                            (1906-1997)
                                       Rain on a Watery Window
                19th C. Equestrian Scene              For more information, visit our website:                                          Vladimira Zila (1948 - 2005)

                      Email:  or call (941) 359-8700  •  (941) 706-3910  •  AU #4555  AB #3375
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