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           Big Idea

                                       Words About the Arts

                                       The words in the chart will help you talk and write about the selections in this module.
                                       Which words about the arts have you seen before? Which words are new to you?

                                       Add to the Vocabulary Network on page 13 by writing synonyms, antonyms, and
                                       related words and phrases for each word about the arts.

                                       After you read each selection in this module, come back to the Vocabulary Network

                                       and keep building it. Add more boxes if you need to.

                                             WORD                  MEANING                   CONTEXT SENTENCE

                                         classic          A classic piece of art, music,   Mona Lisa is a classic painting
                                         (adjective)      or literature is one that      that people have been
                                                          people appreciate for many     admiring for hundreds of
                                                          years. Its popularity is not just   years.

                                         tribute          A tribute is something that is   The ceremony included a
                                         (noun)           said or done to show respect   tribute to the respected
                                                          for someone’s work or          woman.

                                         striking         If you describe something as   The huge, colorful mural on
                                         (adjective)      “striking” you mean it’s very   the side of the school
                                                          impressive or noticeable.      building is very striking.

                                         provoking        Something that is provoking    The thought-provoking story
                                         (adjective)      causes a reaction, such as a   made me wonder how it feels
                                                          thought-provoking book.        to be an immigrant.

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