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                               Welcome to myBook!

                               Do you like to read different kinds of texts for all kinds of reasons? Do you have
                               a favorite genre or author? What can you learn from a video? Do you think
                               carefully about what you read and view?

                               Here are some tips to get the MOST out of what you read and view:

                                     Set a Purpose.  What is the title? What is the genre? What do you want

                                     to learn from this text or video? What about it looks interesting to you?

                                     Read and Annotate.  As you read, underline and highlight important

                                     words and ideas. Make notes about things you want to figure out or
                                     remember. What questions do you have? What are your favorite parts?
                                     Write them down!

                                     Make Connections.  How does the text or video connect to what you
                                     already know? To other texts or videos? To your own life or community?

                                     Talk to others about your ideas. Listen to their ideas, too.

                                     Wrap It Up!  Look back at your questions and annotations. What did you
                                     like best? What did you learn? What do you still want to know? How will

                                     you find out?

                               As you read the texts and watch the videos in this book, make sure you get the

                               MOST out of them by using the tips above.

                                       But, don’t stop there… Decide what makes you curious, find
                                       out more about it, have fun, and never stop learning!

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